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Motivational Speaker Kevin Laue Addresses ESD Students at Annual Dedman Lecture Series

Students at The Episcopal School of Dallas were privileged to hear Kevin Laue, motivational speaker and the first NCAA Division I basketball player with a missing limb, as part of the annual Robert H. Dedman Lecture Series Endowment for Leadership this week. Both the Class of 2018, as well as Middle School students had the opportunity to hear Laue discuss his personal journey overcoming adversity and loss, and how they can each take simple steps to become successful and contented future leaders of our world.

Laue was born missing half of one arm and lost his father when he was in middle school. He dreamed of playing basketball, despite facing doubts and many setbacks. With the help of his mother and an early mentor, he was able to join a team in high school and eventually go on to play at Manhattan College, a Division I school.

"Two things in life will make you successful," he said. "One, change your routine and two, stop making excuses. Happiness comes from purpose and love. What do you stand for?"

Students were quick to give Laue a standing ovation and were lined up across the Bray Performance Hall following his talk so they could meet him personally, with some even moved to tears by his story and the message he carried.

"He spoke straight from his heart and really connected with the audience," said ESD senior Samantha Brosler. "He spoke about overcoming hardship and how we all matter."

Started in 2002, the Robert H. Dedman Lecture Series Endowment provides students at The Episcopal School of Dallas the opportunities to learn lessons in leadership from outstanding achievers across many industries. Guests have included captains of many industries, heroes, and champions of philanthropy and service.

Laue ended the inspiring lecture by saying, "This world needs to change and it starts with you. You are our future leaders. I told you how to be successful – now go do it."

Thursday, 12 October 2017