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Chase away the winter blues at Hotel St Germain's annual Russian Winter Festival on Januay 30th or 31st at 7pm.  Traditionally observed during the brutal Russian winter just before Lent. Start off outside wearing coats and gloves in our stunning Russian-style Ice Pavilion and Ice Bar with Infused Vodka Shots in shot glasses made of solid ice and Caviar hors d’oeuvres. We might even enjoy a dusting of winter snow.Continue the festivities inside with Russian music and decorations at a sumptuous multi-course dinner of Russian and Eastern European tasting plates paired with Vodka and Sparkling Russian & French wines. Menu highlights include Caviar, Blini, Smoked Salmon, Kielbasa, Potato Pancakes, Piroshki, Goluptsi Dumplings, Salads, Black Bread, Beef Shashlik Kabobs, Roast Apricot Chicken and an array of Dessert favorites from the Russian Imperial Court. Cap off this amazing meal with specialty coffees and teas and imported Russian candies including Vladimir Putins’ favorite: Chocolate Hazelnut Candies. Take your own selfie with our very special guest, President Vladimir Putin, who will appear in lifesize cutouts. Don’t miss this exciting evening!

Please call 214-871-2516 for information and reservations.  2516 Maple Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75201


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