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BungoBox, a plastic moving box rental company, has awarded a new location in Dallas, TX, bringing the total number of BungoBox locations in Canada and the U.S. to 18.

BungoBox, founded in May 2009, rents reusable plastic boxes to save consumers time and money over traditional moving methods. The edgy and innovative company, with a slogan of "We Make Moving Less Sucky," takes the hassle out of rounding up moving materials by delivering its stackable moving boxes to a customers' doorstep. (A large box of about 2.5 cubic feet rents for $2.00 a week.) Once they've been unpacked, BungoBox picks them up at the new residence.

The new location was awarded to Nick English, a Texas native who became aware of the concept while attending college in the Northeast. "Bungbox delivers tremendous value to customers. Not only do Bungoboxes save customers’ money when compared to buying traditional moving supplies such as cardboard boxes and packing tape, they also reduce the stress of moving. BungoBox’s eco-friendly containers which stack and roll on specially designed dollies make packing, loading and unloading a home or office a breeze, saving everyone time and money," Nick says. "We are excited to introduce the concept to Dallas and the feedback has been extremely positive."

The franchise will immediately service Dallas County with service to Tarrant and Collin counties beginning soon thereafter. BungoBox DFW launched in June of 2016 with its headquarters in the vicinity of Love Field. You can reach Nick at or call 214.736.1339.

About BungoBox: BungoBox is an innovative company that is transforming the traditional moving process. Committed to helping consumers save time and money with an eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes, BungoBox has 18 locations and growing. For more information, visit

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