Summer is here and the heat is on the rise in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. High temperatures can be harmful to your home and property so Christine McKenney of Dave Perry-Miller & Associates is sharing her suggested home maintenance tips to keep your home safe and looking its best.

To keep your home’s foundation secure in the dry months of summer, always water consistently and evenly around the foundation of your home. Homes that are not watered regularly and consistently may suffer cracks in the foundation due to the Texas summer heat and the constriction of the heavy clay content in the soil. Water during the early morning hours, so more moisture is absorbed by your foundation, grass, shrubs, and plants.

Summer storms can be fierce in the Dallas area. Trim all trees back from your home by four to six feet to avoid damage to your home’s exterior - gutters and roof.

Summer is a great time to have your roof professionally inspected, repaired or replaced. Winter was likely hard on your roof.

Make sure that your downspouts and gutters are debris free. Debris in your gutters can lead to wood-rot and damage to your home and roof!

For greater energy efficiency and to prevent air leaks, caulk windows and doors and replace old weather stripping. This is good to do during the summer months for many reasons: keeps creatures out; if/when it rains, it will prevent water from coming in; and, it helps to maintain your energy bills - you are paying for cool air, so keep it indoors! 

Use a garden hose to give your home a good wash. Avoid using a power washer, as it can potentially damage the exterior. Have your windows professionally cleaned.

Get rid of the paint chips with a fresh coat of paint – and do not forget the trim. Repair any damaged wood, aluminum or vinyl siding.

Deck maintenance is critical to prevent discoloration caused by moss, dirt, and debris. Summer is the perfect time to have your deck cleaned, power-washed or resealed.

Some HVAC companies offer discounts for "all things" furnace in the summer months. Request they change your filters while they are there!

If you did not have your AC units serviced in the spring, do it now! If you have an issue this summer, the repairs will cost more should you have an urgent need after hours. Also, as a reminder, have your filters changed. Lastly, shrubs and plants should not be growing around your units and there should not be any debris around them – so trim back and clean up the area around your units!

Schedule a maintenance appointment to keep your hot water heater operating correctly. Tip: to extend your water heater’s life by years, professional servicing will minimize rust and calcium carbonate build-up.

The summer months are sure to bring heat and rising temperatures. Do not store heat-sensitive or combustible materials your garage.

Summer is a great time to prepare your home for the vibrant fall housing market! Meet with your real estate agent to discuss your property’s condition and what may need to be done in addition to the above tips, to sell your home quickly and at the highest price!

Thank for you taking the time to review my tips! Enjoy your summer and keep me in mind for all of your Real Estate needs!

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