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As identical twins, Marie and Camille Prulhiere can be difficult to tell apart. It doesn’t help that they do virtually everything together.


The Prulhiere sisters graduated from Dallas International School (DIS) in 2014 and just finished their second year at the University of East London. Both Marie and Camille are studying business management with a specialty in marketing and both star on the school tennis team.


“It’s basically half school, half sport,” Camille said of her college experience. “It’s high-performance. They provide everything we need, like workshops, volunteering and our scholarship.”


The twins grew up in Toulouse, France and moved to Dallas at the age of 12. Marie recalled their feeling of apprehension before their first day of school at DIS.


“We knew almost no English,” she said. “But it was great because we learned fast and at the same time, we didn’t lose our French.”


They loved the tight-knit community at the school and the feedback they received from teachers. According to the twins, the biggest difference between DIS and university life is the amount of academic supervision.


“School-wise, you’re by yourself,” Marie said. “If you want to work, it’s up to you. The professors aren’t going to push you, because at the end of the day, you’re paying for your degree. They’ll help you, but they won’t push you.”


Camille said that DIS helped her get outside of her comfort zone when she got to college.


“DIS is a social bubble,” Camille said. “You just need to wait a bit and you’ll meet a bunch of people. I was scared to get out of the bubble. But eventually, you’ll like it. Everyone is in the same situation, so just introduce yourself.”


Of all the things they learned before moving on to college, Marie and Camille emphasized just three.


“Be open-minded,” Marie said. “Be organized. Meet people.”

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