Dallas International School
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In a celebration dedicated to showcasing the beauty of multilingualism, Dallas International School (DIS) launched the “Festival of Languages” on Tuesday 12 January. The Spanish, German and Chinese departments wowed the audience with an hour-long presentation organized around student performers in 6th-12th grade. While the importance of learning a third or fourth language at a bilingual school like DIS is always present, the young performers remained eager to entertain each other with their communicative aptitude. In fact, the Festival showcased the student’s comfortability in expressing themselves not only linguistically, but artistically, as well. DIS Upper School students took to the stage with unmistakable flair! A trio of students enacted role-plays in Spanish highlighting the importance of healthy eating, and 6th graders harmonized songs in Chinese. 10th graders performed a song they wrote in Spanish, urging their peers to continue making sustainable choices for the environment, and German students presented a dialogue infused with popular English slang. The bar has certainly been set high for next year’s Festival! 

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