Dallas International School


Dallas International School (DIS) instills the importance of social responsibility in

students at a very young age. On March 25, students from first through fourth grade

participated in an on-campus race to raise funds for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for

Kids, one of the country’s top pediatric centers in treating orthopedic conditions.

The annual Rite Race kicked off in 2004, and sponsors pledged a dollar amount

for each lap completed, or even offered a lump sum for the entire race. This year, Lower

School students raised $6,000, bringing the total amount donated to the hospital in the

last 12 years to $104,300.


Severine Le Duff, a physical education teacher at DIS, coordinated this year’s

event. In preparing her students for the race, she made sure to express the value of

good will.


“I wanted my students to understand that when running for a cause… one should

give it their all and then some,” Le Duff said.


The enthusiasm for philanthropic efforts was certainly evident among the



“I was excited to do as many laps as I could so that I could donate the money,”

said Olivia Knutson, a second grade student who completed seven full laps around the

Lower School campus.


While the Rite Race serves as a fundraiser, Le Duff wanted her students to

“not only raise money, but to cherish the thrill of running, something the children at

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Kids are not able to experience.”


When DIS students visited the hospital on April 27,

they viewed an introductory video of how customized prosthetic limbs are produced.

Knutson was particularly intrigued with how hospital staff members were able to

accommodate the requests of one female patient.


“They put a pretend foot on her so that she can wear high heels!” she marveled.

Students were even able to touch old prosthetics on this field trip, allowing them

to connect with the cause they were supporting in a very hands-on way. 


Stephanie Brigger, vice president for development at the hospital, praised the

selflessness of the DIS students.


“We’re exceptionally honored that your students and staff have elected to support

us for the past 12 years through the school’s annual Rite Race,” Brigger wrote. “We love

being a part of the post-event celebratory field trip here at the hospital and showing your

young philanthropists the impact of their community service efforts. At TSRHC, we’re

giving children back childhood, and the children of the Dallas International School have

truly helped make that possible!"


DIS students are looking forward to participating in next year’s Rite Race and

making a difference in the lives of their peers right here in the community.

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