Dallas International School
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Tuesday, January 21, DIS middle school students gathered in the MPR for the annual Middle School Science Fair awards ceremony. The judges tallied their scores and voted on their top 3 selections for each grade, after carefully reviewing each project and interviewing each group. Our little scientists answered questions and explained their projects, as the judges made their final selections. Finally, the winners were announced and accepted their medals, as they were cheered on by their classmates and peers. The students with the highest scores in this year’s Middle School Science Fair were Saida Bidiwala, with 95/100 points, and a tie between Madalena Ritz-Meuret, with 93/100 points, and Catherine Everitt, Sofia Serrano and Helina Tedros, also with 93/100 points. Congratulations to all the students that participated this year!
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