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They say clothes make the man. They also say a man’s home is his castle.

No one in Dallas is responsible for more clothes and castles than Matthew Edwards, who enjoys complementary careers in fashion and real estate. When he’s not helping clients buy and sell high-end houses as a Dave Perry-Miller associate, Matthew is marketing custom clothing to discerning shoppers.

“My job is to make a customer look his best,” he said. “And it’s the same thing with a house; when you’re selling a house, you try to make it look its best. So they’re very connected.”

His fashion business is by appointment only, usually at his clients’ offices. He brings everything with him — swatches, design books, measuring tape — and in a matter of minutes, he can help a man select outfits from clothiers such as John H. Daniel and Ermenegildo Zegna that perfectly suit him, no matter his shape or size.

“I’ve had guys who weigh 400 pounds, and I’ve had grown men who weigh 120 pounds,” he said. “I know how to make somebody look good. That’s my job, is to make someone look good, without fail.”

Before he started selling clothes, Matthew got his real estate license in Colorado. But he soon moved to Dallas for work as a model and actor. “I’ve always kind of been a juggler,” he said. A year later, when he started his clothing business, he prospected for clients by combing through the “executive changes” section of the newspaper. At the time, he owned only one suit.

By the time he met Dave Perry-Miller, Matthew was back in the real estate business, not as an agent but as an investor. He hired to Dave to sell a house that had been on the market far too long while listed with another agent. Dave said the price was too high, so they lowered it, and the house sold within two weeks. During that time, Dave learned of Matthew’s fashion business.

“Matthew introduced me to custom-made suits and blazers, and life was never quite the same thereafter,” Dave said with a laugh.

As impressed as he was by the clothes, Dave was more impressed by the man – so much so that he recruited Matthew to be one of his associates.

“Matthew was so good at working through the logistics of giving guidance and counsel on clothes that I knew he would be a great fit at my real estate firm,” Dave said.

After years of selling of houses and clothes, Matthew remains passionate about both of his businesses and how they work so beautifully together.

“A lot of people say, ‘You can’t do two jobs,’ and that’s very small-thinking,” he said. “In real estate and in fashion, people want to work with people who they’re comfortable with. They want people they can trust.”

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