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Complimentary Event on Nov. 1st

 It’s almost Halloween, a time when metroplex kids will have oodles of candy to eat… what is a parent worried about childhood obesity supposed to do?  You don’t want your kid to turn neurotic and develop an eating disorder… and the holiday season of food, food, food is just beginning!  How do you walk this tightrope and keep your kids healthy at the same time?

 Jessica Setnick is a registered dietitian, with Remuda Ranch Eating Disorder Treatment Center, with 20 years treating kids with eating issues – overeating, undereating, and everything in between. She will tackle these questions on Tuesday, November 1st after a complimentary premiere of The Student Body, a documentary about mandatory Body Mass Index (BMI) screening in schools.  Approximately 21 states have mandated legislature around BMI testing in public schools.  Children are subjected to BMI testing in Texas public schools.  However, parents receive very little education about what to do when their child has a failing BMI test grade.

Quick recap of event:

Tuesday, November 1st

Studio Movie Grill located at NE corner of Royal Lane & N. Central Expressway

Complimentary Admission

Doors Open : 6:30 pm

Showtime:  7:00 pm

Link to RSVP:

Questions?  Contact   or call 972-670-7078

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