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At Dallas-based Documentary Events, we have screened the film, The Connection nine times in the DFW area since January.  Thank you for attending one or more our documentary events and sharing your enjoyment with others.  

You can now view the documentary The Connection on your mobile device.  

 The Connection is a film about how frontier research is proving that there is a direct connection between our mind and our health. 

Click HERE to purchase a 14-day pass to stream, a download to keep forever, or purchase the DVD.  

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If this is your first time to hear about  The Connection  you can watch the first 15 minutes free HERE

Running time for the entire film is 73 minutes. 

Internationally renowned experts featured in the film include:

Herbert Benson, MD: Discovered the Relaxation Response that helps counter the harmful effects of stress.

Jon Kabat Zinn PhD: One of the first people to bring together eastern meditation techniques with medicine and research to develop the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program.

Dean Ornish MD: A leading physician who directed a series of scientific research studies showing that the progression of coronary heart disease and prostate cancer can often be reversed by making comprehensive lifestyle changes.

Andrew Weil MD: A world-renowned pioneer in the field of integrative medicine.

Esther Sternberg MD: A leading researcher who made discoveries in brain-immune interactions and the effects of the brain's stress response on health.

Sara Lazar PhD: A Harvard scientist conducting cutting edge research into the effects of meditation and yoga on brain activity and changes in brain structure.

Alice Domar PhD: The first researcher to apply mind body medicine to women with infertility.

David Spiegel MD: Conducted a pioneering study on the power of group support in health outcomes for women with breast cancer.

Craig Hassed MD: An academic who’s ground breaking body of work on the application of integrative and mind- body medicine has raised the bar in the teaching of modern medicine.

Damien Finnis MD: An expert in the clinical applications of the placebo effect.


We'll continue to screen The Connection in the DFW area.

Reach out to me at  or 972-670-7078 if you have a group or organization interested in seeing this film. 

Your comments inspire me to continue screening documentaries that make us think. 

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