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  • As we complete the first quarter of the new year, we are reminded that too much 'dining out' can wreck havoc on our waistline not to mention how we feel the next day.  We tell ourselves that we'll try harder and we'll do better tomorrow.  In actuality what we yearn for is our own personal chef to create those healthy meals (that taste great).  We need a discipline in place to eat better all day long and curb our frequent temptation of grabbing food via drive-thru.  Enter, Carina, the North Dallas based culinary nutritionist who works with both busy single professionals and families preparing their weekly meals.  Here is a quick Q&A with Carina.

  • What is a culinary nutritionist and explain a bit about your food philosophy ?

    As a culinary nutritionist, my background is both in cooking skills and through nutrition studies from graduate school.  I take my knowledge on nutrition and how it affects the body and put that information into practice through the kitchen.  I help people to heal their bodies through food in the most direct way possible: by cooking for them in-home to provide the easiest and most convenient implementation of necessary dietary changes.    

    I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all diet when it comes to nutrition. Each body is unique, and thus everyone has different dietary needs. I tailor nutrition based on the individual, taking into consideration age, gender, activity level, genetics, family history, general health, and whether or not the person has medical conditions that can be helped through diet. 

  • What do you provide for your clients? 

    I provide in-home personal chef services that are tailored to each individual’s specific nutritional needs. I do the menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning; I then package and label the food for you to eat at your convenience.  There are some food services out there where you can go pick up healthy meals to take home. There are other services that deliver groceries and recipes to your door in pre-portioned packages. The unique offering in my service as a culinary nutritionist, is that your menu is carefully crafted to fit your dietary needs in order to optimize your personal health. In addition, my menus change weekly, providing you variation which keeps you interested in exploring healthy meals .

  • Okay, this is sounding like a turnkey-operation.  Do you also clean up after the food preparation?  Also does someone need to own food containers for a week's worth of meals? 

    I clean up the kitchen after cooking. I ask that clients have their kitchen clean when I arrive so that I do not have to clean before starting to cook. I give clients the option of letting me buy them storage containers to use, or using the containers they already have. 

  • What are the benefits of eating food cooked by a personal chef? 

    You know that you are eating food cooked in your own home that is not mass manufactured. I buy the freshest ingredients to use in your dishes. You are also eating foods that are known to help you individually improve your health, which is empowering to clients. Having food cooked by a personal chef makes for the most convenient method of implementing dietary changes, as the food is made for you and left in your own fridge; you don’t have to lift a finger. 

  • What food restrictions / preferences can you accommodate? 

    I specialize in dietary needs. I can accommodate any food restrictions or preferences you may have. This will be noted in the intake form I send you before we begin working together. 

  • Are groceries included in the pricing or are they extra?   Groceries are added on to the cost of the service.

  • How do personal chef prices compare to eating out? 

    Many clients in North Dallas find that they spend less money or the same amount on food with a personal chef if they are used to eating out at good restaurants every meal. 



    Carina Parikh 
    MScN, MSiMR  Nutrition & Medical Research


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