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ClaySmall&ForgersForgery.png Clay G. Small, Author of The Forger's Forgery

What motivates an art forger?  Is it just money?  Clay G. Small invested years of research surrounding the most infamous art forgers including Han van Meegeren of Amsterdam.  He explains when art forgery becomes a crime, traits of various art forgers and how the science of art authentication has evolved over time. Although Clay's most recent novel, The Forger's Forgery is historical fiction, we learn facts about art forgery through reading this novel.  Clay shares research around the life of Han van Meegeren and how this art forger operated during World War II.  In summary, we walk away with a sensorial journey from East Texas to the streets and waterways of Amsterdam.   

Clay G. Small, a resident of University Park, is a professor at the Cox School of Business at SMU and a member of the Law School Executive Committee. He is also a visiting professor at ESADE Barcelona and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Clay received his JD from Southern Methodist University (member of Law Review and Barristers) in Dallas and received his BA in English from Ohio Wesleyan University. 

During his thirty-year career at PepsiCo, Inc., Clay worked as Senior Vice President – Managing Attorney, PepsiCo, Inc.  In that position, he was responsible for all legal matters arising out of PepsiCo’s global operating divisions.

Enjoy Clay's recently videotaped presentation compliments of  On Stage @ APL at Allen Public Library.  

Thanks to Tom Keener, Arts Director at Allen Public Library

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