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Free Documentary Screening - 78 min. 'Walk with Frank'

Walk With Frank tells the inspiring story of Frank Romeowho has been working for over 30 years to change the conversation surrounding mental health and PTSD. For his 70th birthday he decided it was time to take his message on the road and walk over 750 miles across New York State to promote his new high school curriculum “The Experience of the American Soldier”.

Frank is not a doctor or a clinician, but he is a Vietnam War veteran.  His experiences from serving in the Vietnam War have allowed for people to open up to Frank and share their personal stories. 

Once Frank learned to embrace his past and not run from it, he was able to finally take his first steps toward healing. You'll also be introduced to works of art created by Frank.  While the film exposes some of the brutality of war, it doesn’t dwell there. It’s ultimately a story of hope and potential solutions. 

PTSD is not just a veteran issue, and Walk With Frank aims to forever change the stigma and to advance the conversation surrounding mental health in our society. With appreciation to the VA of North Texas so that we can make it possible for others to view the film free thru Monday, Sept. 13th. A round of applause to filmmakers Ryan and Matt Mayers.   And most importantly we extend our appreciation to the more than 386,358 veterans in the DFW region who have served the nation. 

3 min. trailer listed here 

To view full 80 min film click here

 Free film event now thru Mon. Sept. 13th. 

Note: you may start and stop the film multiple times and you're welcome to share this documentary screening with others. 


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