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Author & Gastroenterologist, Michael Weisberg M.D.

Capturing an idea for writing a novel is unique to each author. For Gastroenterologist and Author Michael Weisberg, M.D., it began with a routine medical procedure. Before Dr. Weisberg starts the anesthesia process prior to a colonoscopy, he asks the patient if she or he has any questions.  Over the past 28 years of practicing medicine in Plano, Dr. Weisberg noticed that a common response from patients was,  'what is the meaning to life?'  This question became the basis for writing his recent novel, IN THE END

Join Dr. Weisberg as he reflects on his years of practicing medicine as well as IN THE END.  We'll gather at Barnes & Noble Hurst at 1 pm. this Saturday, October 12th.  Here's what others are saying about Dr. Weisberg's new novel: 

"Against a backdrop of an impending catastrophe, five individuals of varying backgrounds, faiths, ethnicities and financial means come together during a complex and difficult medical procedure.

All five have experienced setback, tragedy, accomplishment during their lives.

All are challenged with the meanings of their lives. Is religion the answer? Is there an afterlife? Why are we even here?

Transcending faith and human frailty, "In the End" offers a message of hope and unification in an era of despair and divisiveness.

This novel will keep you thinking for days after you finish it. And that is the mark of a memorable and worthy read." 

-Doug Ross, author of Hard-Boiled

Visit Dr. Weisberg's author website to view his TEDx Talk , read his blog and other reviews.  

Complimentary and open to the public.  

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