Diane Feffer
Learn how the daily practice of mindfulness benefits you and your team. Lower your stress, improve your work performance and sleep better.
Stop by for a 30 minute complimentary discussion, which includes catered lunch from TacoDeli. Start time is 1 pm and will conclude at 1:40 pm Q&A follows.
Learn how mindfulness moments can benefit you and your team. 
Health benefits: body awareness, lowers stress and cortisol, better emotional regulation, better sleep, reduces cell damage in the body, increases immune function. 
Business benefits: analyze situations better, improves performance, improves focus, enhances creativity, lowers reactivity, studies show it can reduce healthcare costs by $2K/yer. 
Mental health benefits: lowers depression, increases happiness, lowers anxiety including obsessive compulsive disorder.
Facilitator is Denette Mann , MBA, LPC-S who is the first certified trainer in Mindful Self-Compassion within Dallas metroplex. 
Event will be held within conference room at  Common Desk - Addison location.

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