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The Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse, American Addiction Centers and Partnership for Drug-Free Kids invite you to a complimentary screening of “Out of Reach”, a 30 minute film about prescription drug abuse created by Dallas Teen Filmmaker, Cyrus Stowe.

When & Where:  7:00 pm on Tuesday, February 10 at Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church in Dallas

Dallas native and Booker T. Washington graduate (2014), Cyrus Stowe was selected by entertainment company Genart and Partnership for Drug-Free Kids to turn his entry into a short documentary with the help of director Tucker Capps (of A&E’s “Intervention”). The short documentary, entitled “Out of Reach,”captures the issue of teen prescription drug abuse as it exists in Cyrus’ world, and is a reflection of the issue of teen medicine abuse across the country.

 “My goal was to raise awareness about just how many teens are abusing medicine. Until I started talking to my friends and making this film, I didn’t know the true scope of the problem, so I can’t imagine many parents understand either,” said Stowe. “I also have a personal connection to the issue, and making this film was truly a life-changing journey. I made self-discoveries during this process and am hopeful that it will help others will open their eyes to medicine abuse in the way it has for me.”

“This film is a teen’s wake-up-call to parents. Seeing how rampant prescription drug abuse is in a typical American high school will help put this dangerous behavior on parents’ radar and motivate them to take action,” said Debbie Meripolski, Executive Director of The Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse. “We are proud to partner with Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and American Addiction Centers to shed light on this epidemic and motivate families and communities to take action.”

 Parents may RSVP to attend this free documentary event by contacting Diane Feffer at 972-670-7078 or

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