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'Aging in Place' Remodeling Example - Collin County  

 Before-And-After Bathroom Remodeling by Graf Developments



 We baby boomers want to age at an arm’s length from our Keurig machines.  We’ve redefined a ‘latte’ in our life and the senior years won’t be any different .

 According to a survey recently released by Georgetown University only about 1 in 5 people had any plan to remodel their homes or incorporate technology to help them as they age.  At the same time, 96 percent said it was important to stay as independent as possible while they age and 91 percent said they wanted to stay in their own home. 

 Bruce Graf, a nationwide renovation consultant with over 32 years of experience and a baby boomer himself, scoffs at these survey results . “It’s funny, people will spend $50,000 for a car.  This is something with a relatively short life and depreciates the very second it’s driven off the car lot.   However, they think twice about spending that amount on their home, a place they could spend the next 30 years in easily and it appreciates greatly. “   Graf is known for his CAPS certification. (CAPS = certified aging-in-place specialist).   His first wave of baby boomers wanted curbless showers.   “Subtle and simple changes can be done to keep you safe in your own shower.  We mount the shower controls on one wall, but the actual head is on the opposite wall. We do this often, so you can turn on the water and allow it time to heat up before stepping under it., “ says Graf.   Baby boomers, some of whom are now in a caregiver role, are now asking for raised cabinets in the kitchen which equips the home to be wheelchair-compatible.

Graf is an advocate for designing in lots of lighting with the belief that greater visibility in your home helps reduce the risk of slips and falls.   “I’m seeing an increase in requests for lighting controls such as ‘smart switches’, dimmers and motion sensors,” says Graf.   He sees a steady stream of demand right now for creating tech-friendly work spaces since many baby boomers are electing to work from home as they transition to contract employment or start their own businesses.  

You may contact Bruce Graf at 972-571-6076 or and visit his full photo gallery of before-and-after remodeling projects at  

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