Diane Feffer
Vegan Documentary: The Last Pig



Central Standard Time



Walnut Hill United Methodist Church
10066 Marsh Lane
Dallas, Texas 75229


Though he's been farming pigs for years in upstate New York, Bob Comis finds that his views are beginning to shift, and he questions the foundations of the work he poured his soul into. Is there really a humane way to kill? 
The Last Pig is a documentary that beautifully captures the farmer's changing outlook over the course of several seasons. 

This documentary also introduces us into what a vegan lifestyle looks and tastes like. 

Arrive at 6:30 pm and enjoy vegan soup and vegan snacks compliments of Natural Grocers

Documentary starts at 7 pm.  

Location is the fellowship hall within Walnut Hill United Methodist Church.   

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This sensorial evening has been made possible by our sponsors: 


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