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Jumpstart January with a Meditation Retreat



Central Standard Time



Springhill Retreat Center
3991 E. Renner Road
Richardson, Texas 75082

For those who are considering MINDFULNESS as a catalyst for personal change in the new year. 

It's a normal tendency for humans to be worried about the past or the future.  

Unfortunately that tension and stress can detract from us living in a state of active, open attention on the present.

The challenge is to quiet down and fade out those imaginary tigers that are chasing us.  

When the mind is more calm, then thinking is a bit more clear and decision-making is often easier and wiser. 

Denette Mann, LPC, RPT is hosting a 5 hour Meditation Retreat in Richardson on Saturday, January 23rd. 

This is an opportunity to be an active participant in learning more about how to calm your mind and work towards being more mindful. 

The schedule for Saturday, January 23rd is as follows: 

4:00 pm Meet & Greet
Opening Discussion
Get Comfy
4:45 pm

5:30 pm 
Yin Yoga 
(slow, gentle, relaxing) 
Yoga Nidra 
(guided relaxation) 

How Mindfulness Improves
Your Quality of Life 
5:45 pm The Connection *
(documentary screening)
6:50 pm

Dinner / Q&A  

Understanding Mindful Eating

7:50 pm

9:00 pm 
Self Compassion

Closing Remarks


The $45. registration fee includes all activities, materials, refreshments and dinner.

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To register, click HERE 

* Below is a 3 minute trailer of THE CONNECTION, which is a 73 minute documentary that we will be screening during the retreat.

The film is considered evidence-based, featuring experts such as:

 Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D

Herbert Benson, M.D.

Dean Ornish, M.D.

and other researchers and scientists who explain the latest research in the mind-body science field.    



To view a longer, 15 minute clip of the film, click this link:

Questions?  Reach out to me at  or call 972-670-7078 


Wishing you wellness, 


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