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Dr Hohman pictured discussing common causes of hip and knee pain.

The physicians of Greater Dallas Orthopaedics have been supportive of a community outreach program educating the members of their local community. The mission of this program has been to offer free educational seminars and workshops in the community that they serve. Several topics have been covered during these sessions and have included arthritis management, types of injuries, preventive measures, and treatment options. This year they have focused these seminars on common conditions and treatments of shoulder hip and knee pain, Minimally Invasive Treatments for Hip, Knee, Shoulder and Elbow Pain, Tennis Elbow, Anterior hip replacement, Partial knee replacement, and non-surgical management of arthritis. The participation in these sessions has been excellent and the feedback from these seminars has been very supportive, demonstrating an absolute interest as well as a need in the community for continued education. Participants have enjoyed the open question and answer time with the Physicians. Dr Hohman, a fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon, specializes in total joint replacements (minimally invasive muscle sparing anterior total hip replacements/ minimally invasive partial/ total knee replacements) was most recently volunteering his time at the Bentley Independent Senior Living Community (pictured below answering the questions from the attendees).


The physicians of Greater Dallas Orthopaedics are dedicated to serving you and our local community and can be seen caring for their patients at all of the local major health institutions. We also share News and related stories of importance in Orthopedic care with the community through the seminars. Any upcoming community outreach programs undertaken by our staff within the community will be highlighted through our office (214) 252- 7039 and website ( Please feel free to utilize the patient education and other educational resources that are available. › ... › Texas (TX) › Dallas

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