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Have your filed the Texas Homestead Exemption on your home? Now is the time. If you bought a new home last year and owned that home on January 1st of this year, you are eligible for the Texas Homestead Exemption.  This exemption provides certain protections to homeowners and a reduction of your property taxes.  To file for this exemption, go to the, search your address, and find the Homestead Exemption form that is posted.  If THE previous owner had this exemption, it might still show as filed on this home, but BE SURE to CHANGE TO YOUR NAME, or the current exemption will fall off at the end of the year. If you are not a new homeowner, it is still good to check to see that the exemption was actually filed on your property.  If you find that it was not, you can contact the County Appraisal District and back file for 2 years for the reduction of your property taxes.  

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