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The Texas Association of Realtors, TAR, works for you every day. TAR is made up of Realtor members, like myself, who stay abreast of legal issues that affect homeowners, Realtors, and their clients. One of the main goals of TAR during the 85th legislative session is to educate property owners about what TAR calls the Hidden Property Tax.  TAR believes the local taxing entities are hiding behind increased appraisals to justify increases in their budgets ... even as local officials claim they have not raised taxes.  An increase in property value should not be an automatic increase in property tax revenue.  IF more revenue is needed, a more honest and transparent conversation needs to occur so taxpayers completely understand why.  The current system is confusing, and it ends up with more Texans seeing a hidden property tax increase.  As a Realtor, I join with TAR to encourage consumers to contact their legislators about this issue.  

Here is how you can help:

Got to the Appraisal Lookup on - here you can see the 5-year history of a property's appraised value and tax assessment.
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Follow the Hidden Property Tax on Facebook and Twitter as we find examples of misinformation about property taxes across Texas.

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