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2018-19 Jesuit Rangerettes Officers

The Jesuit Rangerettes are excited to announce their 2018-19 Rangerettes Team.  Our Captain is Courtney L.  This is her 4thyear on the team and 2nd year as an Officer.  The First Lieutenant is Maggie S.  She is a 4 year member and this is her 2ndyear as an Officer. Our Senior Lieutenant is Mattia C, 4 year member and 2nd year as an Officer.  In addition, our Junior Lieutenants are Hannah B; Zoe G; and Taylor L.  All are 3 year members and first year on the Officer line.

In addition, our Social Officers were elected.  Catherine M. and Jordan V. are the Co-Presidents; Kaylin H. - Vice President; Michelle A. - Secretary; Kate Guajardo – Chaplain; Katherine K. and Angelina V. – Historians; Sophomore Sargent – Olivia P.; and Community Service Corps; Ashton A., Colleen P., Anna R., and Rebecca R. 

During our Spring tryouts, we added 18 new members to our team. Adrienne B; Alexia G; Kate L; Cady L; Lindsey L; Celeste M; Katherine M; Charlotte M; Anneliese M; Lyla M; Marit P; Carolina P; Molly P; Kalli R; Leslie S; Cecilia S; Abby S; & Melissa T.  We look forward to all they will bring to our organization. 

Next on the schedule for the Jesuit Rangerettes is Officer camp and Line camp.  During this time, we will learn and perfect our performances for Football season and beyond.

In addition we are hosting our Annual Lil’ Rangerettes Summer Camp the week of June 18-22 for all PK3 – 6thgrade students.  Please join us by registering on our website at

The Jesuit Rangerettes Drill Team is comprised entirely of students from Ursuline Academy. They perform a wide range of audience-pleasing dance routines at Jesuit College Prep football, basketball, soccer, and rugby games.  

They also perform at Ursuline basketball games, compete every spring, and perform at special events by invitation of both schools, the community, and national organizations.  Please keep up with the Jesuit Rangerettes through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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