If you are planning to buy jewelry for a millennial this year, they’d better “go vintage”... It’s a huge trend according to National Jeweler. It’s the story behind the bauble that speaks the most to that age group.  Millennials want one-of-a-kind pieces that are truly unique, especially for Christmas. Appraiser and Private Collector, Patti Geolat is giving holiday shoppers the opportunity to make a little room in the jewelry box this year. She's also giving shoppers an opportunity to fund their holiday shopping budgets and buy something truly special for everyone on the "nice" lists.....especially if that person is a millennial. 

Patti Geolat will be showcasing a wide variety of beautiful baubles from her own private collection at Fast Fix in Northpark Center on December 15th through the 17th. And remember, when you sell at the event you'll have peace of mind knowing your precious heirlooms are going to a no-melt shelter and will be lovingly placed in new homes.

Showcasing Beautiful Items


Yellow gold and amethyst, David Webb earrings-David Webb (1925-1975) was an American jeweler. He founded David Webb Jewelry. Among his clients were Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, & Barbra Streisand. Helen Mirren, Jennifer Garner and Beyoncé have also worn his jewelry. Born in Asheville, North Carolina in 1925, Webb was a self-taught designer whose work included dragon bracelets, Maltese cross brooches and animal motifs. In 1964 The Duke of Windsor purchased a bracelet for his wife. Diana Vreeland, a noted columnist and editor of Harper's Bazaar and Vogue was often seen with a David Webb, black and white enamel zebra bangle. Webb died from pancreatic cancer in 1975. Estate jewelers Mark Emanuel, Sima Ghadamian and Robert Sadian purchased the business in 2010. A retrospective exhibition was mounted at Norton Museum of Art in Palm Beach

Yellow gold and citrine bracelet, from late 1940’s-Big bold and post WW II when the US was celebrating prosperity and GI’s returning home.... 

Yellow gold and turquoise necklace-Yellow gold and turquoise will be back in the spring of 2016 according to Women’s Wear Daily and we agree

No appointments needed to view the estate jewelry pieces but if you want a consultation to sell your jewelry, contact us at (214) 361-2811 for an appointment time.

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