If someone asked you to look through your contacts and make a list of the people you consider to be among your most trusted advisors, who would you include? Would the list include an Attorney? Would the list include a Doctor, Banker or Insurance Agent? We thought so. What about a qualified Appraiser? Aaahhh… most people don’t think about that! Here are 4 unexpected benefits you gain by working with an Appraiser on a regular basis.

You Make Better Choices- Once you form a relationship with an Appraiser you’ll find that you make better choices regarding a variety of valuation decisions. Some assume that having an item appraised is a one-and-done process. It’s truly not and here’s why. Your insurance coverage needs will change as you move throughout various life stages. For example, you might opt for more insurance coverage earlier in your life, thus spending more money on insurance premiums because replacing the item could be cost prohibitive. Later in life you might opt for less coverage when your ability to replace the item may be easier to do without the added assistance of insurance coverage. 

Insurance rates change and so do values. What was once the most highly sought after and precious item 3 decades ago, might not be so hot today, thus making the item less costly to replace. A certified appraiser can help you evaluate these cycles every 3-5 years and guide you through determining the best course of action for your particular life stage.

 You’ll Make New Purchases With A Greater Sense Of Confidence- Acquiring an item of value, may come with a degree of uncertainty. We at Geolat frequently provide our clients with “New Purchase Consultations” as well as providing “How to Buy”business card sized tips * to keep with you as a handy reminder of what to-do when you’re making a buying decision. Most of our clients find it easy (and reassuring) to know they can simply call us to let us know they’d like to bring new items in for an appointment. Your trusted appraiser gives you the peace of mind in confirming your new acquisitions.   

You’ll Be Less Likely to Overlook Maintenance & More Likely to Prevent Loss - Assessment of the condition of your property is part of every appraisal we provide. This alerts you to any items that might be in need of attention, before you suffer an unexpected loss. This is especially helpful with your valuable scheduled pieces.

You’ll be more comfortable when talking to your lawyer, financial advisor,  accountant or estate planner- No one ever wants to find an attorney in the heat of a crisis, during a time when they need one most. The same is true with an Appraiser. Whether your needs include bankruptcy, divorce, estate settlement or some other form of support, Geolat is here to help you.  When you need appraisal advice, it is far better to already have a relationship with someone who is familiar with you and your family. Your Appraiser might also be able to provide options you had not considered. 

About Patti Geolat & The Geolat Advantage- Like all experts who provide you with professional services throughout the stages of your life, you can not underestimate the intangible value you will receive when you work with Geolat.  From having expert knowledge and over 30 years of experience at your fingertips, to guiding you through a maze of insurance coverage options (which we’ll be expanding upon soon) we make buying, selling and appraising a very personalized, easy and convenient process.

Patti Geolat’s distinguished reputation as the go-to appraiser in Dallas, as well as nationally, has been unsurpassed for the past 30 years. Her opinion is valued by the jewelry industry and the worldwide media alike. Patti’s 15 years of experience on the Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company’s Board of Directors, including 9 years as the Board Chair, offers you a hard to find perspective on value, insurance and best practices.


* For your copy of our “How to Buy” business card sized tips,

please email your request to Judy Asa at

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