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Deborah Turner, Highland Park Resident Deborah Turner Opens the Scent Room in West Village.

The Scent Room, Dallas’ first independent, niche perfumery, is now open in the West Village in Uptown Dallas at 3699 McKinney Avenue, Suite 301, located next to Starbucks. The store carries more than 30 independent, hard to find niche perfumes such as Abel (a 100 percent natural line, Acqua Di Sardegna, Eight & Bob, Histories De Parfums, Juliette Has a Gun, Jusbox, Simone Andreoli and many more.

Many of the lines carried are not only virtually impossible to find in stores but also have incredible backstories and beautifully designed bottles, many of them could be considered works of art.

The store’s open concept is inviting and makes it easy to explore. There are no counters so shoppers are free to interact directly with the scents and the knowledgeable store associates who are specially trained in helping shoppers discover their own unique scent.

The in-store experience is designed to be just that … an experience,” explains Deborah Turner, who developed the concept for the store. “Finding the perfect scent takes time. Our guests are free to explore, sit, relax, enjoy a glass of wine or champagne.”

Deborah first became interested in the perfume industry during the early years of dating her husband. She recalls always complimenting him on how wonderful he smelled but never receiving the same compliment from him. One day, she took him to the perfume counter at the department store and made him pick out the scent he liked best.

While she and her husband both loved the scent she chose (Alien by Thierry Mugler), it was so mainstream that people immediately knew what it was. And that’s where the initial idea for The Scent Room was born.

Fast forward a few years later, she and her husband celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary in Italy where they were married. With the idea for The Scent Room still brewing in her mind, visiting a niche perfumery was at the top of her list during their trip. She passed by many but it wasn’t until they were in Siena that she found one she was compelled enough to visit. And that’s where Vincent Gambino, world-renowned perfumer enters the story. It was his knowledge and passion about the stories behind the scents that further fueled Deborah’s motivation for her new project.

Over the next few years, as she continued to develop her own scent “wardrobe,” she became more and more interested in bringing her idea of the perfect perfume discovery experience to Dallas.

Determined to learn from the very best, she contacted Vincent and spent several weeks in his perfume shop in Siena, Italy so she could learn the business. During her time in Italy, she was also able to accompany Vincent to the largest niche perfume show in the world, Escxence. He has since become both her mentor and her muse as she worked to develop the concept for The Scent Room.

“I believe we all want to smell nice, naughty or sexy,” says Deborah. “Whatever it is, it’s part of who we are and who we want to be at a given moment. Scents help create our persona and I’m thrilled to bring this exciting opportunity to the women and men of Dallas.”

A woman of many talents, Deborah, originally from Canada, is also a skilled jewelry designer and former actress and model. She’s appeared in more than 80 television commercials and made multiple guest appearances in television and film.

“While I’ve died a horrible gory death in a slasher movie,” Deborah laughs, “My career highlight as an actress was playing Burt Lancaster’s daughter in the television movie, Barnum.”

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For more information, visit or follow them on Facebook at @ScentRoom.

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