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Join us as we welcome NASA Astronaut and author, Col. Jeffrey Williams, at Our Redeemer Feb. 2-3!  Having completed his fourth mission in 2016, Expedition 48 Commander Jeff Williams officially spent more time in space than any other U.S. astronaut. Williams has spent 534 days in space, making him first on the all-time NASA astronaut list. Williams, a native of Wisconsin was a Flight Engineer and lead spacewalker for STS-101 in 2000, Flight Engineer for Expedition 13 in 2005 and Expedition 21 in 2009, where he worked as Flight Engineer and then as commander for Expedition 22. Selected as an astronaut in 1996, he graduated first in the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School class 103 in 1993. 

As a man of faith, he authored "The Works of His Hands" based on his six months aboard the International Space Station in 2006.  He orbited the earth more than 2,800 times and took more photographs of earth than any astronaut in history. Every shot contains lessons about God's creation.  Every view from the window of the Space Station contains countless vivid lessons about the meticulous goodness of divine providence, God's care for His creation, and His wisdom in ordering the universe. Colonel Williams has had the rare privilege of studying earth from heavens perspective.

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church and School will be hosting two separate events with Col. Williams:

Saturday, February 2
7pm: Presentation in the Sanctuary: “My Time aboard the International Space Station: A Million Foot View” (nursery available), 
Reception/Book Signing in the Parlor @jeffrey williams

Sunday, February 3
8am & 10:45am: Worship Services

9:30am: Bible Class Presentation in the Sanctuary: “The Work of His Hands”

All are welcome to attend; Our Redeemer Lutheran Church and School is located at the corner of Park Lane and Boedeker at 7611 Park Lane in Dallas.

There is no cost for these events--please come and hear this remarkable story and see the beauty of the heavens!

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