Book signing: Alligator Creek Author Lottie Guttry



Central Standard Time



Barnes & Noble - Preston Royal Shopping Center
5959 Royal Lane, Suite 616
Dallas, Texas 75230

Author Lottie Guttry combines the stories of her ancestors, Sarah and Alex Browning, and years of Civil War era research to illustrate the timeless struggles of men on the battlefield, as well as the families left behind on the home-front in her novel, Alligator Creek. Through extensive research, Guttry immersed herself in the era to create a dialogue for her ancestors. She then skillfully expanded upon the details in order to make the characters and time period come to life in a captivating yet realistic historical narrative.

"Without research, a twenty-first century author could not write authentically about people who lived in the nineteenth century," says Guttry. "Not only did I study battle plans and historical events in the Civil War period, I discovered what they ate, what their houses looked like, what they wore, what their opinions were, what their customs were, what words they used then that we no longer use now and what words we do use now that they did not use then."

Lottie Guttry will discuss and sign Alligator Creek Sunday, May 1 at 2:00 PM.