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Each year, local elementary and middle school students draw their original interpretations of the dangers of substance abuse.  This project began as a way to entice children to think about the consequences of using alcohol and other drugs.  In addition, the teachers have a wonderful opportunity to discuss with their students the effects of substance abuse and how drugs and alcohol can negatively affect their lives.

This year NorthPark is displaying the top 66 art masterpieces submitted for the 2014-2015 CARE Calendar.  In April, the finalists for the CARE Calendar will be announced.  Congratulations to all these young artists.  Please go to NorthPark on the lower level between Loft and Forever XXI from April 4 - 22 to see the wonderful display!

CARE (Chemical Awareness, Resources & Education) is a non-profit, community-based organization established as a response to the increasing concerns and challenges associated with alcohol and drug abuse.  CARE serves as a confidential resource and ally to families, offering tools to educate and empower substance abusers and their loved ones.  Collaborating with schools, civic, educational, government, business and private groups, CARE continues to extend its message of hope and recovery throughout the greater Dallas area, employing comprehensive courses and community outreach programs such as New Directions, Because You Care, Red Ribbon Week, CARE Scholarships, Educational Community Luncheons and the CARE Calendar Art Contest.  These initiatives, combined with a respected clinical referral network, allow CARE to help individuals and families.  If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, please look to CARE for help.  We are more than a confidential resource, we are caring members of your community.