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Spirit Dallas Club Jan Collmer, a founding board members of the Frontiers of Flight Museum, and current board chair Hugh McElroy.
Friends and supporters of the Frontiers of Flight Museum, along with members of the Dallas business community, joined newly appointed President and CEO Cheryl Sutterfield-Jones to help re-launch the “Spirit Dallas Club” during a VIP reception to be held at the museum on Feb. 27.

Sutterfield-Jones was inspired by the concept of the Spirit of Dallas Club, which was originally created in 1927 by local business leaders for the purpose of putting Dallas on the nation’s aviation map. “Just like today, the business community recognized the positive economic impact of promoting the city of Dallas,” said Sutterfield-Jones.

During the Frontiers of Flight Museum’s VIP reception on Feb. 27, organizers offered charter memberships to the newly revamped Spirit of Dallas Club as an innovative fundraising effort.  “Memberships give participants an array of  benefits and help ensure that the Frontiers of Flight Museum continues to be recognized as one of the nation’s leading air and space museums, as we expand our mission of educating, motivating and inspiring the next generation,” said Sutterfield-Jones. Spirit of Dallas Club memberships range from $1,000 to $50,000.

According to Joe M. Dealey, Jr., native Dallasite and fourth generation member of the pioneer Texas newspaper family that founded the Dallas Morning News in 1885, the Spirit of Dallas Club is just as important today as it was in the 1920s.  Dealey’s great-grandfather, George Bannerman Dealey, was also the first member of the Spirit of Dallas Club and the original membership roster bears his signature.  “We’re reconstituting the ‘Spirit of Dallas Club’ to offer the community an opportunity to support the Frontiers of Flight Museum and celebrate Dallas’ can-do spirit of the past and present,” Dealey said.

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