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Portrait Artist Jana Rentzel Shows Off Her Work

Looking for the gift for the person or family that has everything?  Local portrait artist Jana Rentzel has the perfect gift!  Portraits are timeless and will be treasured forever! 

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Jana has a Bachelors of Fine Art from The Memphis College of Art - major in painting and sculpture. She then became the head illustrator for Neiman Marcus national newspaper and magazine advertising.  In 1990 she earned a Master’s degree in Holistic Psychology. She wrote a book, "Into the Heart of the Matter," that explores the means for finding deeper meaning and enriched expression in life, and upon which she built a successful counseling practice. Worked with hospice as a volunteer counselor and become acutely aware of the lack of emotional and spiritual support provided to people at the end of their lives - as well as to their families - at a time when they likely needed it most. 2005: earned a PhD in Psycho-Oncology, and developed a model of emotional and spiritual care for people dealing with cancer.

She also wrote the book "Healing Pathways: Finding Inner Strength in Times of Crisis." In 2010, returned to painting. Integrating all she had learned, Her work focuses on reminding us of who we truly are.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014