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The Jesuit Rangerettes celebrate successes at the American Dance/Drill Team Officer Camp in Rockwall, TX and Line Camp in Dallas, TX.  Our Dance Officers brought home All American Team of the Week. This award is given based on excellent discipline, performance and personal enthusiasm. During Line Camp, our ladies earned the Award of Excellence.   

In addition to the team awards our ladies earned multiple individual awards.  The highest individual award of Most Outstanding Performer went to Courtney L.  This award is given out for dance technique, attitude, leadership, and overall excellence.  

The team voted for the Most Admired and Angelina S. earned Most Admired Veteran, while Abby S. earned Most Admired New Girl.  

Earning the very prestigious All American Dance Company Award was Courtney L; Taylor L; Millie K; Taylor B; & Ciana C. This is awarded for exceptionally talented dancers displaying outstanding technique.  

In addition, our ladies earned:
• All American Kick Company recipients are Courtney L.; Angelina S.; Zoe G.; Ciana C.; Mattia C.; Taylor L.; & Millie K.
• Miss High Kick recipient was Courtney L. & Miss High Kick Runner-Up was Angelina S.
• Gussie Neil Davis Dancers of the Week recipients are Kalli R.; Catherine M.; & Maggie K. 
• Outstanding Manager award recipient is Marit P.
• Most Improved Award recipients are Emily M. & Maggie K.
• Best Effort was awarded to Ashton A. 
• ADTS Pizazz recipients are Mary Kate J.; Katherine M. & Celeste M. 
• Spirit of ADTS recipients are Emily M.; Michelle A.; & Katherine K. 
• All American Honorable Mention recipients are Ruth Anne E.; Catherine M.; Abby S.; Charlotte M.; Kalli R.; Anna R.; Ella M.; Savannah R.; Melissa T.; Katherine K.; Kate G.; Leslie S.; Colleen P.; Cady L. & Marit P. 
• All American Dancer recipients are Jordan V.; Millie K.; Mary Kate J.; Olivia P.; Mattia C.; Carolina P.; Celeste M.; Katherine M.; Taylor B.; Ciana C.; Maggie S.; Courtney L.; Michelle A.; Zoe G.; Taylor L.; Angelina S. & Hannah B. 

With so many accomplished dancers on our team more than half of them earned the opportunity to perform at the Capital One Bowl All American New Year's Day Halftime Show and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. 

Meanwhile, you can find us performing half time at all the Jesuit Rangers Varsity Football games and multiple showings for Ursuline Academy.  Please keep up with us through Social Media and our website

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