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Shelton senior gives blood for first time

Shelton School parents, faculty and students rolled up their sleeves November 3 for Shelton’s annual blood drive with Carter BloodCare.  Shelton has hosted campus blood drives since 1999 as part of their general community service.  Over the years, units of blood have been directed to several in need within the Shelton community, but most have gone to the general public at large.

For several high school students, this was their first time to donate.  Eligibility requirements allow students to donate at age 16, with parental permission.

Says Shelton middle school administrative associate Karen Shaw, “I particularly appreciate everyone who gives so generously to Carter BloodCare.  I would not be here today were it not for their kindness.   Finding time to donate blood is not easy to do with everyone’s busy life.  Taking time to give blood is a heroic thing to do!”

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