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Jeb Hensarling and son Travis (center) with Shelton students and teacher LuAnn Dolly

United States Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R – TX) took to a different style podium on May 10.  Instead of one used in Washington, D.C. as Chairman of the House Finances Committee, Hensarling stood behind the podium at Shelton School and presented a lesson on the United States Constitution to seventh grade students. 

He was introduced by his son Travis, a Shelton seventh-grader.  Especially meaningful during this national Teacher Appreciation Week, Travis led the introduction by enlisting a round of applause for teachers present in the audience.

Engagement was in full operation as Congressman Hensarling spoke with students about the Constitution, the Constitutional Convention, the Declaration of Independence and Articles of the Confederation.  “You should get an ‘A’ in this course,” he told one student who correctly answered many questions about how an idea becomes a law. 

Not all student questions were serious ones.  Students queried Hensarling with “Have you ridden on Air Force One,” “Where do you live,” and “Do you have a pen used by the President to sign laws?”  Hensarling, a 14-year House representative, described his everyday schedule to students, his D.C. living quarters, and his travel arrangements.  As with most teachers, Hensarling came prepared with a PowerPoint presentation for the class.  He cautioned students to help him track his time, with the admonition that “politicians can be known for talking too long.”  Following the program, Hensarling was escorted by middle school students to Shelton’s dining hall for lunch. 

Says Shelton middle school history teacher LuAnn Dolly, “We were pleased to have the congressman on our campus.  And I’m proud of the way our students conversed candidly with him.  This makes history come alive for our students.”

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