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(L to R) At the Angelika are Cliff Samuelson, Michael Grayson, Adison Allen, Hunter Duesing, Travis Ratcliff, Jim Pullum and Brody Carmichael

Shelton School hosted its fifteenth annual film festival May 5-7. The weekend festival began with a networking reception for Shelton high school student filmmakers and invited professionals, including Shelton alumni.  Activities continued with Saturday master classes and a Sunday student film showcase of class projects and 44 videos at the Angelika Film Center (Mockingbird Station) in Dallas.

Master classes were presented by Shelton alumni Adison Allen, Brody Carmichael, Hunter Duesing, Michael Grayson, and Travis Ratcliff.  Other presenters included Steve McWilliams, Jim Pullum, Corey Smith and Guy Smith.  Among the topics were: role of the producer, cinema sound design, editing and color correction, role of the location scout and relationship with the regional film commissions, as well as demonstrations of various pieces of equipment.

Says Shelton faculty member and film festival coordinator Cliff Samuelson, “Our festival filmmakers have handled a turnkey process.  They must pitch their projects through oral arguments, submit a written project concept and treatment, present script and storyboard outlines, select locations and secure equipment, enlist cast and crew, direct and shoot the films, and handle all post-production.  There is nothing simple about this … producing a film is quite ambitious.  Experience, skill development and attention to detail are what lead to mastery.  Our students are becoming film artists.  They may not pursue filmmaking as a career, but they will appreciate the craft that has been a part of this creative experience.  We are proud of those professional alumni who first studied film in a Shelton classroom.” 

Says Shelton’s Head of School Linda Kneese, “This festival is the culmination of hard work combined with the creativity of our talented students.  I love being in the audience and seeing our students’ names in the film credits. This is an experience many alumni consider a highlight of their time at Shelton.”

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