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Shelton Summer School registration

The doors are not closed for business at Shelton School & Evaluation Center during the summer.  At Shelton, there is plenty of action.

Some 695 students (EC – Grade 12) are enrolled for a variety of classes, from A (Art, Auditory Processing, Animal Antics, Algebra) to Y (Yoga).  Some classes are for academic credit, others for enrichment.  Others are signed up for sports programs, including soccer, basketball, volleyball and football. 

Shelton Scholars, a program to improve reading, writing and spelling, has 61 students working in small groups with trained tutors. 

Learning is also taking place with many adults.  Through Shelton’s Outreach and Teacher Training Program, many teachers are honing their skills.  Classes include Montessori training, testing and referral, and numerous academic language therapy programs.  Instructors come from throughout the United States and even abroad to participate in the courses.  In addition, Shelton’s training personnel take their training on the road.

Says Matthew Wilson, an elementary school teacher from Fayetteville, Arkansas, “At my school, I work with many students who have learning differences.  I came here this summer for Montessori training because of Shelton’s reputation in this area.”  “Ashley Woods, who travelled from Jackson, Tennessee, says, “Shelton is known for this program.  My supervisor recommended I come here for the training.”

Says Head of School Linda Kneese, “Summer is a great time to shore up a gap in learning, get ahead with required classes, do a fun activity, or acquire a new teaching skill.  Regardless of their ages, I love to see students learning something new.”

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