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Young Women's Preparatory Network

Young Women’s Preparatory Network, an all girls’ college preparatory network of schools in Texas, announced that five of its schools received Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) highest state accountability ratings in seven designations, one of the highest achievements a school can receive. The Texas Education Agency released ratings for more than 8,600 campuses, and 86.4 percent achieved the rating of “Met Standard.”  

According to the TEA, “In 2015, 4,388 campuses achieved the Met Standard rating and earned some type of distinction designation. However, only 153 high schools, middle schools and junior high schools earned all seven distinction designations.

“Campuses that receive an accountability rating of Met Standard are also eligible for distinction designations. Distinction designations are awarded to campuses based on achievement in performance indicators relative to a group of 40 campuses of similar type, size and student demographics. Distinction designations can be earned by campuses for:

  • Academic Achievement in Reading/English Language Arts;
  • Academic Achievement in Mathematics;
  • Academic Achievement in Science;
  • Academic Achievement in Social Studies;
  • Top 25 Percent: Student Progress;
  • Top 25 Percent: Closing Performance Gaps; and
  • Postsecondary Readiness.”

Founded in 2002, the Young Women’s Preparatory Network is a nonprofit agency that partners with public school districts across the state of Texas to operate the largest network of all-girls, public, college preparatory schools in the nation.


Of its seven schools, Young Women’s Preparatory Schools in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Lubbock received this outstanding commendation, a high percentage of the schools.


Lynn McBee, Young Women’s Prep CEO, said, “Our schools provide a rigorous college preparatory education, so being able to achieve all seven distinctions shows the amazing work our teachers are accomplishing in the education and success of these young women.”

An astounding 100% of the students graduate from high school and are accepted to a college or university. In 2014-2015, the network’s 247 graduates received close to $28 million in academic and merit scholarships and will matriculate to 87 different colleges and universities.

Young Women’s Prep network schools serve students in grades 6 through 12 on seven campuses across the state of Texas. Approximately 70 percent of all students come from economically disadvantaged homes, and 68 percent of the students in the Class of 2015 are first generation college students.


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Young Women’s Preparatory Network (YWPN) provides leadership, forums for the sharing of best education practices, and funding enhancements to seven all-girls’ public schools in Texas, in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Houston, Lubbock, and San Antonio, working in close collaboration in each community with the public school district. Total enrollment as of last school year was 4,200 students in 6th through 12th grades. Each YWPN school features a STEM-focused curriculum and is largely attended by disadvantaged students who are second-generation immigrants. The programs are based on the core values of leadership development, college readiness and wellness life skills.  Each school serves as a laboratory example of an innovative public-private education model that results in high student achievement. More information can be found at

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