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Texas Day 2015 Akayla Walker, Kathryn Adams, Peggy Grace Ferguson, Kate Keller, Landry Kate Saylor, Aliceea Choice

A bridge and the Trinity River separate Providence Christian School and West Dallas Community School, but these sister schools keep in touch by writing letters to one another during the year. On April 30, the Class Three students from both schools met, for the first time, at Farmers Branch Historical Park for their annual Texas Day celebration.  As sister schools, they share the same curriculum and teaching, and several Providence alumni now teach at West Dallas. 


The students toured an authentic log cabin, learned in a one-room schoolhouse, ground coffee, and learned about life during simpler times. They toured the Gilbert House, which is the oldest house in Dallas County on its original foundation. They also recited William B. Travis’ Letter, one of many passages committed to memory by the children during the year.


The students enjoyed a barbeque lunch followed by a sing-along. The day concluded with outdoor games including a sack race, a tug-of-war, and relay games. The Providence children said goodbye to their West Dallas friends, as everyone rode off into the sunset back to their schools.


Since 1989, Providence Christian School of Texas has provided academically able students from preschool to 8th grade with a challenging educational experience designed to help them know, love, and practice that which is true, good, and excellent, and to prepare them to live purposefully and intelligently in the service of God and man.  Providence’s core values are faith, family, intellect, counterculturalism, and stewardship. More information about the School can be found by calling 214-302-2800 or by visiting

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