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Collaboration partners Keri M. Stitt (Youth 180 president and CEO), Eliza Solender (Solender/Hall, Inc. president), Traswell C. Livingston III, (AIDS Services of Dallas CEO)

Through an outstanding collaboration, Youth 180 and AIDS Services of Dallas (ASD) have successfully completed a real estate transaction of 10,000-square-feet in North Oak Cliff in Dallas. Youth 180, known for substance abuse counseling services tailored to youth and families, has partnered with ASD, a nonprofit dedicated to providing housing and support to those affected by HIV/AIDS, enabling both groups to expand their essential services within the community. Solender/Hall, Inc. served as the real estate broker between the two nonprofit organizations.


“The transaction between Youth 180 and ASD is an excellent example of how collaborations can serve the entire community,” said Eliza Solender, president of Solender/Hall Inc. “Both organizations showed remarkable leadership and dedication to their missions, resulting in a beneficial outcome for all involved.”


Youth 180 sold its 10,000-square-foot building at 201 South Tyler Street to ASD; however, the organization will lease back approximately half of the space, continuing to use the facility for administrative purposes and ongoing services.

Under the guidance of President and CEO Keri M. Stitt, Youth 180 offers crucial substance abuse prevention and treatment services to youth (K-12) and their families. When Youth 180 received an unsolicited offer for its Tyler Street property, the board saw an opportunity to better align the organization’s space needs with its budget by selling the building and leasing back a portion.


“The decision to explore this real estate opportunity was strategic and forward-thinking. By leveraging the expertise of Solender/Hall and engaging in thoughtful negotiation, we ensure Youth 180 remains steadfast in our mission to empower youth and families through accessibly and sustainable support systems,” Stitt said.


When it became evident that a compatible sublease tenant would mean an opportunity to manage occupancy costs effectively during the negotiation process, Solender immediately thought of ASD as a potential subtenant. ASD, under the leadership of CEO Traswell C. Livingston III, was seeking to maintain and expand its presence in North Oak Cliff, an area it has served for more than 37 years. With Solender able to help negotiate the terms, the previous buyer from the unsolicited offer stepped aside to allow for the partnership between Youth 180 and ASD.


Livingston shared his excitement about the partnership. “We are thrilled to expand our services with a new community resource in North Oak Cliff. This acquisition not only gives us more room to operate, but it also deepens our ties with the community we are dedicated to serving.”

Both CEOs saw the bigger picture—a chance to do more together than they could alone—and made trust and open communication their guiding principle. Behind the scenes, the boards of both organizations played vital roles by offering support to their CEOs as they navigated the complexities of the sale, purchase, and leaseback. The legal teams also played a significant part, ensuring everything went smoothly.


In the end, this collaborative effort stands as a testament to the spirit of community service in North Oak Cliff. With ASD now owning the building and Youth 180 continuing its essential work, both organizations are poised to make an even greater difference in the lives of those they serve. Wasting no time, the two organizations have already begun joint grant efforts to enhance community services, showcasing the power of collaboration in real estate transactions.


About Solender/Hall:

Since 1991, Solender/Hall has been assisting nonprofit organizations buy, sell and lease commercial real estate in the North Texas area. The firm has been highly successful in finding unique properties, often repurposing banks, stores, warehouses, bowling alleys and churches into new nonprofit locations. Find out more at or by calling 214.215.0432.



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