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  4/29/2016 Another Successful Texas Day Rides Off into the Sunset Juliette DC
  6/8/2015 Providence Christian School Visits the Middle Ages Juliette DC
  5/20/2015 Providence Christian School and West Dallas Community School Pen Pals Meet at Texas Day Juliette DC
  5/13/2015 Providence Class Eight Students Visit the Nation’s Capital Juliette DC
  10/31/2014 Providence Hosts Book Fair November 4 and 5 and Open House November 6 Juliette DC
  5/9/2014 Providence Class Five Students Live in Ancient Mesopotamia for a Day Juliette DC
  5/8/2014 Providence Christian School and West Dallas Community School Meet at Texas Day Juliette DC
  5/7/2014 Providence Class One Students Travel to Colonial Times Juliette DC
  5/7/2014 Providence Performs Seussical, Jr. Juliette DC
  5/6/2014 Providence Class Two Students Blaze the Frontier During Pioneer Day Juliette DC
  4/18/2014 Providence Celebrates 25th Anniversary Juliette DC
  4/2/2014 Providence Student Scott Raybourn Qualifies for State Level National Geographic Bee on April 4 Juliette DC
  4/1/2014 Providence Service Project Supports Brother Bill’s in West Dallas Juliette DC
  1/31/2014 Providence’s Scott Raybourn Wins Geography Bee Juliette DC
  1/14/2014 Providence’s Joshua Limsenben Wins Spelling Bee For a Third Time Juliette DC
  12/17/2013 Providence Class Seven Goes on Annual Texas Trip Juliette DC
  12/2/2013 Providence Patriots Win SVAA Super Bowl Juliette DC
  11/21/2013 Providence Tees Off with Justin Leonard as Part of 25th Anniversary Celebration Juliette DC
  9/30/2013 Providence Latin Teacher Donna Gerard Receives Merita Award Juliette DC