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This Mother’s Day, honor mom with a fun experience, a gift that helps others 

Mom played many a tea party with you as a child. Now, it’s your chance to honor her with a delicious at-home tea this Mother’s Day, an unforgettable gift that gives back. Societea, Afternoon Tea To Go, a sister company of Society Bakery, has partnered with Mommies In Need to create a special take-home cream tea box that makes the perfect gift for the special lady in your life.   

Now through May 5, pre-order your delicious take-home cream tea from Mommies In Need, boxed and wrapped with a beautiful ribbon, for only $25. Each box includes four homemade scones, clotted cream and seasonal jam, as well as a special tea selection in your choice of regular or caffeine-free. A Mommies In Need branded mug completes the boxed gift, and is the perfect way for mom to remember this special experience.  

“As a mom, spending quality time with my children is my favorite thing to do, and what I look forward to most on Mother’s Day,” said Natalie Boyle, founder and CEO of Mommies In Need. “We’re thrilled to partner with Societea to offer this experience, one that also gives families a chance to help others.” 

Proceeds from the take-home cream tea boxes will support Mommies In Need, a non-profit organization with a mission to provide childcare, community and compassion to parents or other caregivers facing a health crisis. Since its founding in 2014, Mommies In Need has provided thousands of hours of in-home care, virtual visits and now also in-person care through Annie’s Place, a licensed childcare facility in Dallas. 

And, if you’re treating mom to a tea on Mother’s Day, follow these tips from Emily Cassady, a tea sommelier, co-owner of Societea and supporter of Mommies In Need: 

Get seated. Seat yourself comfortably at a table and lay your napkin on your lap with the crease folded towards you. 

Pour your tea. A hot debate is whether to pour the tea or milk first. In days past, if you had fine china, you would pour your tea first to show your gathered group that your porcelain could hold up to the hot water. If you added milk first, it was a scandal. Nowadays, they say hot water, brew to strength, and then add sugar or milk, if you must.  

Don’t dunk. Everyone agrees that dunking scones in the tea or milk is a “no-no” as far as proper tea etiquette goes.

Stir it up. While some say one should stir your spoon from 6 o’clock to 12 o’clock, other say it’s back and forth from 6 o’clock to 12 o’clock. But everyone agrees that there should be no tapping of the spoon against the cup. Never lick your spoon. When you are finished stirring, simply rest your spoon on your saucer. 

Practice the hold. The thumb and index finger should almost pinch the handle at the top, then use your middle finger to support the weight of the cup, rather than hooking through.  Tuck in your ring and pinky fingers--they aren't really invited to the tea party!

Enjoy the scones. Clotted Cream first? Jam first? If you use the Devonshire Method, you split your scone in two and add clotted cream to your scone first, followed by the jam. Cornish Method has you splitting your scone in two, adding the jam, then the clotted cream. Which way is right? Ultimately, that is up to you...but the Queen of England prefers the Cornish Method.  

Put your pinkie—and your phone—down! Many feel that they need to put their pinkie up in the air as a sort of posh affectation, but it’s wholly unnecessary. So, too, are phones – after you get that great selfie of you and mom, and have posted it with the hashtags #MothersDay,  #MommiesInNeed and #MomsforMoms, put your phone away and enjoy your time together. 

To order a take-home tea from Mommies In Need, please visit the Mommies In Need website. Pre-orders will be available for pick-up at Society Bakery (3610 Greenville Avenue) on May 7 and May 8, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  

Mommies In Need would like to wish moms everywhere a very happy and blessed Mother’s Day.

Mommies In Need is a non-profit organization that relies on the generous support of compassionate individuals, foundations and businesses that recognize the value of the services Mommies In Need provides to families. Among its many supporters are The Moody Foundation, The Crystal Charity Ball, The Simmons Sisters Fund at the Dallas Foundation, The Constantin Foundation, Hamon Charitable Foundation, The Meadows Foundation and Perot Foundation, as well as in-kind partners The Beck Group and Winstead PC.

More information about Mommies In Need is available on its website and through its Facebook and Instagram

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