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When the Harrisons first visited the Meyerson Symphony Center, they looked at each other and said, "Could you imagine if we could worship in this place?" 

And now, every Sunday, they will do just that – and theyre inviting everyone to join them.


To celebrate the power of God and faith in action, AMEN Church will hold its first service on Sunday, October 3, inside the Meyerson Symphony Center in downtown Dallas’ beautiful Arts District. The new church is an outgrowth of the faith of renowned North Texas entrepreneurs Dr. Field and Sabrina Harrison, who have founded AMEN Church to empower people to form a close relationship with God. Service will begin at 9 a.m. and is open to everyone. Complimentary parking is available during Sunday morning services at 1726 N. Pearl Street in Dallas. Children are welcome inside the services, and complimentary on-site child care also is available.

AMEN Church founders Dr. Field and Sabrina Harrison felt a calling to bring AMEN Church to life to share the love of God, the truth of the Gospel, and to create a place where people can feel the power of God. “So many people have lost hope and become discouraged and isolated over the past year,” Sabrina Harrison said. “That's why I feel hungrier than ever before to share the love of God and to create a place where people can meet with Him.”

Since founding MINT dentistry, one of the fastest-growing dental companies in the U.S., the Harrisons have used their platform in business and entrepreneurship to advance the Kingdom of God through their partnership with many ministries, local charities and global humanitarian causes including Equipped by Faith, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, MINT Cares and now planting AMEN Church at The Meyerson Symphony Center in downtown Dallas.

AMEN Church will have worship services held inside the beautiful and historic Meyerson Symphony Center on Sunday mornings, but the church believes that its ministry lives far outside its walls. AMEN Church’s mission is to spread the Word of God throughout the world and create Christ-like disciples of men and women who believe that the concept of “church” is more than just Sunday services, and that are committed to living a life of generosity, of discipleship, and who use their gifts to grow the church locally and globally.

“It’s not about AMEN or any other church ‘brand.’ It’s about Jesus and growing His church,” said Dr. Harrison, who, along with his family, is funding AMEN Church from their own personal tithes. Any donations made to AMEN Church will go directly to helping serve those in need.

Services at AMEN Church will make room for worship and Bible teachings, Sabrina Harrison noted, as a catalyst for nurturing a deeper relationship with Jesus. “Our hope and goal is to bring blessings and restoration to our city,” she said. Along with serving others through MINT dentistry, her family’s dental practice, Sabrina Harrison also founded Equipped by Faith in 2014, a non-profit organization that equips and empowers women of faith. She also serves on the executive board of non-profit organization Big Brothers Big Sisters.

“Our goal as a family has always been to introduce God to people through whatever means we have,” said Sabrina Harrison, who raises son Field Christian and daughter Camila with her husband, Dr. Field Harrison. “We have devoted our lives to serving others and growing the Kingdom of God on Earth – and now, we are so excited to be able to fund an urban church campus right here in our own community of Dallas, Texas.”

“Any earthly success and accolade we’ve received is a complete miracle—and we take no credit for it. I give all glory, honor, and praise to God—only He is worthy of it all,” Dr. Harrison noted. “We’re just stewards of everything He’s given to us and we want to steward it well with the little time we have to bring heaven to earth.” 

“Our business is our ministry,” Sabrina Harrison added. “My husband and I believe we are called to be a bridge between the church and the marketplace. Because of MINT, we have access to people that may never step foot inside a church. If we surrender our work to God, our everyday activities can take on exceptional meaning and have a massive impact in the lives of others." 

Limited capacity will allow social distancing during services.

AMEN Church is seeking volunteers. If you feel led to serve through your gifts and talents, join the AMEN Serve Team, visit @theamenchurch or email to find out more about the organization’s mission, and to sign up to volunteer. 


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