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Whether you call a large group of butterflies a flight, a flutter, a swarm or a kaleidoscope, we can all agree that they are a beautiful sight to see.

This week, a flutter of butterflies in a kaleidoscope of colors is giving wings to a mission of helping families battling a healthcare crisis. Through Mommies in Need, donors’ funds are used to provide safe, loving childcare from specially-trained teachers and nannies. The non-profit’s North Texas Giving Day campaign acknowledges donors with a butterfly in their honor that is added to a special wall at Annie’s Place, a first-of-its-kind facility opening this fall. More than 100 people have donated so far, and the organization is continuing to fundraise.

“It’s seriously so heart-warming to see the names of those who support our mission on the wall. The fact that they’re in the shape of butterflies is appropriate, because our generous donors are the ones who make this mission soar,” Natalie Boyle, founder and CEO of Mommies in Need, said as she added the butterflies to the display. Donors can watch the wall grow every day, as Natalie adds videos of the butterflies being added to the “Childcare, Community, Compassion” wall inside the new Annie’s Place to the Mommies in Need Facebook page.

In colors of purple, lilac, teal, navy and more, the butterflies represent the gracious gifts of donors who believe in the Mommies in Need vision that no parent should have to choose between receiving life-saving medical care for themselves and safe, loving childcare for their kids. Donations of all sizes come from private citizens, businesses and other organizations. Donations also come from friends and family of grateful recipient families whom Mommies in Need supported through their health crisis with care for their children.

“When I see a butterfly with a name I recognize as one of our families, or one of their family members, I get a little choked up,” Boyle admitted. “These are people who have benefited from the care, and are doing everything they can to make sure someone else going through a healthcare crisis also has this gift.”

The organization has completed its first $15,000 matching funds pledge and has recently announced a second, a $10,000 match from Comerica Bank.

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