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Sweet 16 Birthday Week Special: $16 for 2 Dozen Cookies; Started With Two UT Undergrads Baking for Their Friends; Grown to 16 Stores Across Texas
Dallas, TX  – Tiff’s Treats, the much loved, Austin-based, baked-to-order, warm-delivery cookie company today celebrates 16 years in business. For its birthday week, now through January 25th, and to celebrate 16 years, Tiff’s Treats has a special offer, just $16 for two-dozen warm cookies.  This birthday offer is valid at every Tiff’s Treats location, for delivery or pick up, online only; enter code “SWEET16.” Delivery fees are separate.  In its 16 year history, Tiff’s Treats has grown to 16 stores across Texas, and has baked and served over 50 million cookies.
“We never once imagined what Tiff’s Treats would grow into when we first started,” said Tiffany Chen, Tiff’s Treats co-founder.  “We are so proud of what we’ve accomplished, and the type of business we’ve built, only possible with an amazing team of colleagues and customers who love our brand and support us.   This 16 year mark is a perfect time to pause and be so thankful to so many.”
Founded in 1999, Tiff’s Treats started out of a college apartment with two friends baking cookies at the University of Texas to help fellow students get through exams.  This past November, Tiff’s Treats opened its 16th location in Texas and its 1st location in San Antonio.  With this San Antonio opening, Tiff’s Treats now delivers warm cookies to the four biggest cities in Texas: Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. The plan is to open at least 3 more stores in 2015, too!   
Reflecting on 16 years in business, co-founders Tiffany and Leon Chen remember – and appreciate – the little and big things that have been part of their story:
·       Tiff’s Treats was open two full days before it got its first order, from a girl named Amy at the University Towers of UT.  Cookies were then $5 a dozen and her tip of $5 is still remembered, and appreciated. 
·       The first big order the company took was for 75 dozen, which took them 12 hours to bake.  Now, each store can bake 75 dozen in a half hour.  Multiply that by 16 stores, and at least 12 baking hours a day per location, Tiff’s Treats is now producing close to a million cookies a month on average.
·       A UT advertising student named Matt brought in a logo suggestion in 2001.  Tiff’s Treats traded him some cookies for it, and still use the same logo today.
·       People who work at Tiff’s Treats stick around.  Michael Covington was hired as a delivery driver in 2000 and is now director of operations.  Jeff Sartor was also a delivery driver, joining in 2006, and is now EVP Marketing.
·       The three very first delivery drivers who joined Tiff’s Treats in 1999 are also all back with the company:  Scott Dowling as the Dallas District Manager; Ryan Calhoun as District Marketing Director; and Kullen Kifer as CFO.
·       Tiff’s Treats started doing grand opening fundraisers when it opened its first Austin store beyond the headquarters shop five years ago.  It has now donated over $70,000 in cash to non-profits in its 16-year history as well as nearly $75,000 in donated product in 2014 alone.
  • And of course, the sweetest – pun intended – part of the story:  starting the business 16 years ago, just as friends, Tiff and Leon grew so close they are now married.
“It is rare in life to have a job you love working with people you love,” said Leon Chen, Tiff’s Treats co-founder.  “To have started that business yourself, from a little idea and a personal passion, and to build it to something really special and successful along side your spouse…..well, that’s a gift I’m grateful for every day.”
About Tiff’s Treats
Tiff’s Treats makes and delivers classic, baked-to-order cookies and brownies straight from the oven to the home or office, warm, in about an hour. Tiff’s Treats is a delicious idea for dessert delivery to your home or business, client gifts and meeting snacks, birthday gifts, a memorable thank you gift, a sweet-tooth fix and more.  Baked fresh when you order from premium ingredients, all cookies and brownies are delivered warm in a white box complete with a colorful ribbon.   Co-founders Tiffany Taylor Chen and Leon Chen founded their business in 1999 as 19-year-old college sophomores at the University of Texas in Austin. After beginning in Chen’s cramped college apartment kitchen, the company grew quickly with the opening of its first Tiff’s Treats store in 2000. Tiff’s Treats operates locations in the Austin, Dallas and Houston areas. For more information, please visit
About the 16th Year Anniversary Special
Now through January 25th, only customers can buy 2-dozen cookies for $16 (regular price is $24)
Delivery fees are not included in this price.
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