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Take it Outside

THE MAIDSâ offers tips for cleaning indoor items, outside

Dallas, TX. - Some household cleaning chores are just easier when completed outside. Armed with little more than a garden hose, you can clean a few items around your house this summer with ease. The cleaning experts at THE MAIDS (, a residential cleaning service, have identified the perfect outdoor summer projects:

Kitchen trash cans: Odds are good that you seldom clean your hardest working kitchen “appliance.” The time is ripe for a good scour. Put a few drops of dishwashing detergent in the can, add water and scrub well with a long-handled brush. Let air dry.

Blinds: Don’t get tangled trying to clean hanging blinds. Remove vinyl mini blinds from the window and lay them on a swept driveway. Use a gentle nozzle setting and hose off dust and grime. Once returned to the window, swipe slats with a dryer sheet to prevent dust from settling again.

Area rugs: These are often too bulky to toss into the washing machine. Instead, hang them over a fence or railing and spray until water runs clear. Allow to drip dry.

Indoor Plants: Now is the perfect time to hose down indoor plants. Dust settles over the winter months, giving your plants a dull appearance. Set the nozzle to mist and reinvigorate the natural beauty of your indoor flora with a gentle shower.

Patio Furniture: While you’re outside, give your outdoor furniture a solid scrub.Don’t get caught on the perfect summer evening with dirty furniture. Grab a soft-bristled brush and scrub away the winter grime from chairs and tables.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy the fleeting summer breezes.


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Known for its 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System, The Maids is the only franchised residential cleaning service to clean for health, combining environmentally preferable cleaning supplies and state-of-the-art equipment with a methodical process to maintain the healthiest living environment possible for families. The Maids enjoys a 96 percent customer referral rate, distinguishing them as the residential cleaning service of choice. Visit The Maids ( for more information.

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