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The Warren Center invited donors and friends of the nonprofit to celebrate Month of the Young Child at a cocktail reception hosted at Park City Club on Thursday, April 28. Guests had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Mary Ann Morris, neurologist at Children’s Medical Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities speak at the event which was underwritten by Bank of Texas.  

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Autism Spectrum Disorder affects roughly 1 in 44 children across the United States. In the state of Texas alone, at least 250,000 individuals have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, according to the Texas Autism Council. Autism is the fastest-growing disability in the state — and as the disability grows — so does the need for assessments. To meet the growing demand for assessments, The Warren Center will begin offering autism assessment services for current clients.  

"The earlier that services are delivered, the more likely children are to develop effective communication, language, visual, social and motor skills," says Amy Spawn, CEO of The Warren Center. "Early intervention services are critical because young children grow and develop so quickly. If they do not receive services before they are five years old, it can have lasting effects."

The comprehensive autism assessments are conducted by professionals with expertise across a number of fields. The evaluations include observations, direct interaction, a parent interview, an in-depth look at the child’s developmental history and an evaluation of the following areas: social, communication, sensory, emotional, cognitive and adaptive behavior.

The team will personally meet with parents to discuss their findings, give specific and meaningful recommendations, answer any questions, provide a detailed written report and work with parents on a plan of action going forward. The Warren Center is committed to ensuring North Texas families get answers and the help and support needed for children with developmental delays and disabilities. 

For more information about The Warren Center’s autism assessment services please visit,

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