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Since implementing technology proven to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses, Greenhill Towers and its sister building, 511 E John Carpenter (EJC), have marked the path towards a safer work environment. In their efforts to be completely thorough with their newly developed Healthy Building Initiative, Codina Partners Greenhill tasked Haven Diagnostics with establishing the buildings' effectiveness in combatting the spread of COVID-19. 

Recently, Codina Partners Greenhill funded a building-wide initiative for each property, including COVID-19 preventative technology such as MERV 13 filters and Nano-septic self-cleaning surfaces. The Healthy Building Initiative includes five layers of defense in addition to mask requirements, heightened cleaning around the buildings, hand sanitizer stations, and social distancing signage. 

Haven Diagnostics, a medical analytics company, is led by Michael Gao, M.D., who specialized in artificial intelligence at NewYork-Presbyterian, and Joshua Geleris, M.D. Dr. Geleris is on faculty at Columbia University and funded by the Department of Defense and National Institutes of Health for pulmonary disease and COVID-19 research. Using proprietary models created by the team of physicians, medical researchers, and data scientists, Haven can accurately analyze the risk of in-office transmission of COVID-19. 

By hiring the minds of Haven, Codina Partners Greenhill and Crescent Property Services determined exactly how effective their new initiative is based on specific property features. Using a model of Marginal Risk Reduction, or MRR, Haven Diagnostics analyzed neighborhood data, building technology, personnel behavior, and building layouts to determine the percent of risk reduction by health and safety practices. 

The results for 511 EJC and Greenhill Towers exceeded expectations. 

Compared to other office buildings in the U.S., Greenhill Towers and 511 EJC are in the top 5% for the percent reduction of indirect COVID-19 exposure. The technology and practices implemented in the Codina properties reduced in-office transmission risk by 72%. In fact, Dr. Gao considers Greenhill Towers and 511 EJC to be leading the way for office buildings across the country. 

"As tenants think about office space, health is the number one concern they may have. Codina Partners and Crescent properties are at the forefront of health and wellness in their buildings and took such measures to fulfill the healthy buildings initiative at 511 East John Carpenter and Greenhill Towers," said Michael Gao, M.D. "The two properties are Haven platinum and exemplify how buildings should be operated and managed," he continued.

For visitors, the analysis demonstrated low-risk rates for entryways and common spaces within each property, thanks to the work of the Codina Partners and Crescent Property Services teams. Tenants can be sure their employees will be brought back safely when the time comes to transition back to office environments.

"Helping tenants understand that working from the office can be a low-risk activity was something that we needed help with. Dr. Gao and his team were able to analyze and quantify the impact of our capital investments and help us ensure that our buildings are prepared for any future pandemics. Building health has always been on people's minds, but now it is top-of-mind for all tenants, their employees, and guests," said Johnny Winton, Senior Advisor at Codina Partners Greenhill. 

During this time, moving from remote workstations to on-site office spaces can be nerve-wracking. The management team at Greenhill Towers and 511 EJC are easing their tenants' concerns with long-lasting, certified, and proven health measures. Crescent properties constantly strive to provide a work environment tailored to their customers' needs. Now, they set the standard for health and safety across the country.

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