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The Popular ‘Healthier For You’ Snacking Option Just Got More Delicious

As they continue to firmly plant their flag in the sand as the nation’s Ultimate Dip Destination, the team at ¡Yo Quiero!, has released the newest in their line of ‘better for you’ snacking options: ¡Yo Quiero!’s NEW Original Bean Dip and ¡Yo Quiero!’s NEW Spicy Bean Dip.  Both premium refrigerated dips are packed with the protein and nutrients found in humble beans, are full of flavorful spices and packaged in sizes created for convenience and any dip occasion.

As an impressive addition to the growing roster of products available nationwide, ¡Yo Quiero!’s Bean Dips are doing double-duty by counting as both protein and vegetable for the increasing health-conscious ‘better for you’ snacking population.

“Beans are not widely known as a Superfood, but they are, and they pack a serious nutritional punch,” says Tara Murray, VP of Marketing for ¡Yo Quiero!, the family-owned Texas-based company known for their commitment to help people ‘eat good to feel good’. She continues, “Beans are loaded with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals that can help reduce inflammation, fend off chronic diseases, contribute to weight loss, improve gut health, and promote satiety.”

“Consumers are looking for snacks that are filling, delicious, and have a health benefit, and our new Bean Dips fit the bill perfectly,” she says.

“After a thorough research and development process, our team landed on the expertly blended mix of beans and spices that make up ¡Yo Quiero!’s NEW Original Bean Dip.  ¡Yo Quiero!’s NEW Spicy Bean Dip takes the Original and kicks it up a notch with the addition of peppers to the mouth-watering recipe,” says Jay Alley, Co-Owner and Vice President of ¡Yo Quiero!.

For the past few years, ¡Yo Quiero! has been paying close attention to the seismic shift in snacking trends, especially the higher consumer demand for fresh, convenient, healthier-for-you choices in the fridge and pantry. In 2022, they responded with the release of their wildly successful line of ¡Yo Quiero!’s avocado-forward cream cheese dips which includes the Avocado Spinach Artichoke, Avocado Spinach Bacon, Avocado Bacon, Ranch and Cheddar, and Avocado Jalapeno Popper Avocado Dips, all of which have fewer calories, less fat and less cholesterol than other traditional dips.

“At ¡Yo Quiero!, we are committed to the innovation, excitement, and challenges that come with bringing new dip choices to our customers. As we listen and respond to what snacking choices people are making, we will continue to develop products that support our ranking as the Ultimate Dip Destination,” says Alley.

¡Yo Quiero!’s dips, including their NEW Original Bean Dip and NEW Spicy Bean Dip, are available at select retailers across the U.S.  To learn more about ¡Yo Quiero! visit and


About ¡Yo Quiero!

¡Yo Quiero! Brands is a Texas-based avocado, guacamole, and dip company with state-of-the-art facilities in Rhome, Texas and Guanajuato, Mexico. With a mission of selecting and growing the freshest and finest ingredients, ¡Yo Quiero! creates delicious, hand-crafted products that can be found in most local retailers. Bringing years of experience and dip expertise to the category, ¡Yo Quiero! leads and innovates with integrity and passion. The current lineup of premium handcrafted dips can be viewed on our website. For additional information, recipes, or product availability, please visit

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