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Uplift Education public schools will open September 21, 2020 for in-person learning with new precautions in place to keep kids safe. Given the positive health news and the robust measures we have taken for safe in-person learning, we will begin welcoming back our students to school in a phased approach for those families who selected our in-person and hybrid learning options.  100% remote learning will continue to be an option for those who choose it. We know that our preparedness, compassion, and nimbleness will guide us through this challenging time.

Over the past 3 weeks, we have had over 20,000+ students engaging with us on a daily basis.  Uplift is providing technology devices, such as Chromebooks, to all of our students free of charge. Some large ISDs have just started the fall school year and we’ve been growing our new muscles on virtual learning and parent engagement for weeks.  We will continue to be nimble, responsive to feedback, and optimistic learners. As we prepare to resume in-person learning, we have outfitted schools with temperature monitoring stations, hand cleaning stations, social distancing reminders & signage, proper ventilation, mask mandates and many other safety precautions.

“Our students, parents, and educators have made incredible sacrifices during our battle with COVID-19. Thanks to our aggressive action against this virus, the teachers who have found creative ways to reach their students, and the heroes on the front lines, I am optimistic with our return to in-person learning in a secure and safe manner. It will not be perfect, there will be curves in the road ahead. But we owe our students and the educators who serve them the greatest measure of clarity and consistency we can manage in an unprecedented situation,” said Yasmin Bhatia, Uplift CEO.

All of our students were equipped on day one with the technology they needed, including a brand-new Learning Management System, to dive into the world of full-time distance learning.  It did not take long for us to hit our stride with the “new normal”, and now our students are enjoying school days balanced with academics, physical activity, well-being check-ins, and critical breaks away from the screen.

In a time of a lot of confusion and uncertainty, we find clear priorities help us mark the path forward.  As such, we want to share three priorities in the coming month for our schools and parents:

1. The health, safety, and well-being of our entire school community – students, staff, alumni, and families

2. An exceptional distance learning program and experience for students

3. Continued engagement and communication with our families and staff


There is no doubt school will look and feel different in the 2020-21 year. What remains the same is our commitment to you and your children to provide a high-quality, college-prep education and the support needed so everyone can thrive in these challenging times. We at Uplift are so thankful for the resilience and support our families and staff have shown through this pandemic and we look forward to getting through this together!


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